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From austere beginnings in post-war Miami, the Yarborough family has built an international tile business. When Dave Yarborough bought a World War II surplus truck to begin a tile setting business, little did he realize that in the early part of the new millennium, he would be at the helm of a company considered to be one of the largest tile distributors in the United States.

For those who don’t know, D&B Tile Distributors was named after Dave and his wife, Betty. Decades later, his son Harold serves as President & CEO and his daughter Cindy (now retired) formerly managed the Palmetto Bay operation, one of nine different locations in Florida ranging from Port St. Lucie to South Miami…LEARN MORE>

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As a result of Hurricane Irma, we had some of the tiles in our home begin to pop.  While we had some spares from the original installation in 2009, we were short of repairing the damage.  We went back to the Doral D&B, one piece of tile in hand and met with Maria Toledo.  We did not have the receipt, nor did we know the manufacturer.  In a matter of minutes Maria found the original invoice, found some tile in the warehouse there and located 4 more boxes at their Palmetto Bay store.  If it was not for her diligence, hardworking and efforts would have had a real mess on our hands.  As a result we were able to repair the damaged tiles and have some spares for any future incidents.  Maria and the staff at D&B are real professionals and they there to help the customer.  I can not say how much we appreciated everything that they did and would highly recommend D&B in the future.

John Breslin, Palmetto Bay, Florida

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