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White Glazed Porcelain from D&B Tile Sets the Mood for Bay Harbour Condo


When Mr. and Mrs. Donald White purchased their condo in prestigious Bay Harbour Isles, they knew they had a lot of work ahead of them to make the home their own. After making the decision to remodel their unit, they contacted Home Advisor for help.

Many firms contacted them but only one person kept coming back with more questions and possible solutions. That was Nery Quinones, Project Manager at Odin Corp. based in Doral, FL.

According to Mr. White, “After I purchased the unit and I had my ideas about style and colors. I watched a lot of HGTV and thought I knew what I was doing. I went to Home Advisor and submitted the information. We received six responses. All but one gave up after the initial contact. That
one was Odin Corp.

“Nery was the only one who followed up consistently. She kept in contact. I
felt that someone who spent that much time with me was worth considering.

She has the attention to detail that I wanted. I”m a particular kind of person and wanted someone who would spend the time; someone who was dedicated to the project. She spent time selecting tile, color and overseeing
the labor. She recommended that we raise the ceiling in the entrance area and the kitchen. Most working on the project objected to this but she was right. When you walk through the door now, it is quite impressive.

“I asked about Venetian plaster and she brought someone who had worked nine years in the Vatican and had extensive experience. The Venetian plaster came out so well, we used it on many of the walls and ceilings. The reflections at night are amazing. I tend to go with my gut feelings in
dealing with people. I knew I could trust her to spend my money wisely. We are extremely pleased with everything.

“I came to realize that watching HGTV is entertaining, but not real life. Many things that you thought were straightforward don’t work that way. You need someone who will work with you. For instance, we purchased tile for the baseboard only to find out that the walls were not level enough to use it. We had to use wood baseboard.

“I tend to be very particular and attentive to detail. That is how Nery and
her crews work. Every inspection was passed the first time. The city cleared
and signed everything on the first inspection. We had high praise from all
the inspectors on the quality of the work. That impressed me. Everything is
exactly to code. No shortcuts.

“During my first business meeting with Nery we went to D&B tile. My concept for the color scheme was white. We spent more than two hours with Isabel explaining why certain white tiles are not going to work. They spent the time explaining why I needed a particular tile. I had preset ideas but they were able to direct me to the right tiles for this project. Our friends, neighbors and family have seen the work and all are just so impressed with what Nery has accomplished and how she used the correct tile to complete our home.”

“I always spend time with the customer. Many people in this business promise one thing and deliver another. One customer brings me the next. I entered this business after a satisfying career in healthcare management.
I was president of my condo association and I saw how the contractors mismanaged projects.

“I knew I could do better and I have. I made my contacts and started working. I always use top quality products and the best subcontractors. I am a project manager, not a contractor. I have a wide list of crews that I can turn to for different projects. And, I always go to D&B Tile when I need quality tile, stone or marble, said Nery.

“I’m not brand conscious on the tile. I want the customer to choose the colors. I prefer American made tiles and I look to the salespeople at D&B to help us select the colors and brands. I work mostly with Maria Toledo, Isabel Gomez and Annie Llerena. They all always go out of their way to help me. They carry an excellent line of quality products and we have never been disappointed. We also have soundproofing installed on the floors, which is an absolute necessity In a condo. It was not in place when we tore out the existing tile. It has made a tremendous difference in comfort and acoustics for the unit.”

Products from D&B Tile Distributors used in the renovation included 24×24 glazed porcelain rectified for the flooring, Buenos Aires Mood Porcelain rectified by Crossville for the balcony patio, 16×32 Blade White Matte by Atlas Concorde and Bati Sliced Matte Pebble Interlocked for the backsplash. Protecto Wrap Soundproofing was used under all flooring.

See many selections of porcelain stone from a range of quality manufacturers and other beautiful tile, stone and marble selections at our nine conveniently located stores in South Florida. Remember, the first step to beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile.

Photographs and article by G. Richard Booth

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  1. What is the field tile (white 24×24 po?) article doesn’t say unless it’s Buenos Aires?

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