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Experience and Selection Completes St. Lucie West Bathroom Remodeling with Tile


Corner_Chair Experience and Selection Completes St. Lucie West Bathroom Remodeling with TileWhen Dr. and Mrs. Bradfield decided to renovate the master bathroom in their home in St. Lucie West, they turned to D& B Tile Distributors and RC Tile Installation for advice.

According to Ron Constantino with RC Tile Installation, “The customers got my name from Bob Oakley atD&B Tile of Port St. Lucie. They had a contractor does a lot of drywall work. Most of the shower had been ripped out before I got here. I jack-hammered all the old tile, removed the shower floor and wen t down to the studs. I put water proof paper on the studs. Then I installed up my Wonder­-Board and water proofed all the joints. I put Crossville tile on the walls. The glass tile is Casa Italia. I used Aquamarine star glazed grout and Carrera window sills. All the rest is Crossville. The shower floor is 2X2 Pennsylvania Blue also from Crossville. All porcelain tile. I put additive in all the grout. I also installed marble sills on the knee wall and put in a seat.

“The customers had been to the D& B store in Port St. Lucie but weren’t sure what they wanted or what would work best in their home. When they called me to consult with them, I met them at the store and went over the tile in their color spectrum. The customers knew what they wanted as part of her color theme. The rest was selecting the brand. Once she saw the samples, we came back to their home so they could see how it all looked in the bath room.

Ron_Constantino Experience and Selection Completes St. Lucie West Bathroom Remodeling with TileMosaic_Shower Experience and Selection Completes St. Lucie West Bathroom Remodeling with TileRon Constantino, with RC Tile Installation Company has been in business since 1969 and is a second generation tile setter. “I started out with my father-in-law doing patios and condos back in the late 60’s. We used to buy our tile from D&B Tile when it was Dave & Betty. I picked up the trade from the old-time tile setters. Dave Yarborough and D&B Tile have been a huge help to me and my business by referring me to customers and through their continuing education programs.

“We were based in North Miami Beach and I worked from the Keys up to Plantation In South Broward for 35 years. We decided to move to Port St. Lucie 20 years ago. It took me awhile to get established. I started out working for other contractors. A few years later, I began to get my own work. One of the biggest things that helped me was when D&B Tile built their showroom in Port St. Lucie.

“I reached out to Harold Yarborough and encouraged him to open a store in Port St. Lucie. At the time, there was no one else of any size offering tile, stone and marble and this area was booming. Everyone was buying tile from Miami and bringing it up here. After the store opened, my business really took off. My company and D&B Tile Port St. Lucie never looked back.”

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