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D&B Grout Admix Plus


D&B Grout Admix Plus

The secret everyone knows.

Many of our customers already know our best secret for grouting tile. D&B Grout Admix Plus is a specially formulated additive to be used with sanded or unsanded grouts instead of water.

We found Allen Taveras, with Super for Speed Construction picking up supplies at D&BTile Doral. He shared with us: “I use the D&B Grout Admix Plus on all my commercial projects where most of my jobs are Fast Food Restaurants.”

sgm_dbgap D&B Grout Admix Plus

D&B Grout Admix Plus offers maximum protection for interior and exterior installations. It is ideal for commercial and residential projects; does not require sealing, saving time and money.

“We are very satisfied with the performance of the product and would recommend it to other tile contractors. I would not do any grout installation without it”.

Bridget Brea (D&BTIle Doral) and Allen Taveras (Super for Speed Construction)

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