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Renovation Considerations: 5 Things to Think About Before Your Tile Updates


The thought of renovating often brings mixed feelings. There’s excitement for a new look but an overwhelming stress about the actual process of renovation. If only we could all snap a finger and have a renovation magically completed without all the work. Since we can’t, let’s take a look at 5 things you should think about before your next tile renovation.

#1: Tile Type

The first decision to be made is what type of tile you need for your project. If you’re doing a basic floor application, your options are plentiful but if it is an outdoor application or commercial application you may need specialty tile which is slip resistant. Or you may have personal preferences. For example, you may stray away from textured wall tile because it’s more intricate to dust and clean or you may prefer it because it gives you design depth.


#2: Design

Tile is an extraordinarily long-lasting option for flooring and more. Because it has such longevity, more traditional designs are often preferred. Trends will come and go long before tile has spanned its lifespan. However, trends are easy to incorporate with accents or unique installation patterns. So, if you’re using a traditional tile you could add a glass mosaic accent or use a herringbone pattern to make it on trend.


#3: Accents & Trims

Another big decision to make is if and how you may incorporate accent pieces and trims. For example, you may want to have accent pieces in your floor tile that match your granite countertops. Or you may simply want to bring a little pizazz to an otherwise traditional selection. For example, Crossville’s Groove Glass tile is used as an accent panel in this retail installation of wood look wall tile, giving it vintage appeal.

Wood look wall tile with glass tile accent


#4: Installation Pattern

There are many possibilities when talking about tile installation patterns, Crossville even has 99 different patterns listed in their basic floor pattern book. Different installation patterns can completely change the look of the tile. Take traditional wood-look tile that’s usually installed in an offset pattern and instead use a herringbone pattern, then you have an entirely different and modern look.

#5: Remove or Cover?

For those of you that have gone through removing tile, you probably are well aware of the massive amounts of dust that accumulates. While removing the previous tile is often the best options, sometimes the better option can be covering the previous tile with new tile. Laminam by Crossville is a gauged porcelain tile that makes covering old tile a good possibility. For example, busy restaurants or commercial buildings may not want to go through the long process of removing old tile.


A renovation can be a big project, even if it is just replacing or adding tile. The team at D&B Tile is always here to help you with any questions or assistance you need with your project. From recommendations of certified tile installers to design and technical advice, our team of tile experts have years of experience. Give us a call or stop by any of our nine South Florida tile store locations and we’ll be with you for your project every step of the way.





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