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What Porcelain Tile Best Suits Your Home?


When you go to home depot, you will find different types of tiles. But, did you that every type of tile has another set of types for specificity? Well, it does! Porcelain tile West Palm Beach has various types such as unglazed, glazed, digitally printed, and double-loaded porcelain tiles. To know more, read on.

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Types of Porcelain Tile

Unglazed Porcelain Tiles

An unglazed porcelain tile is created by dry powdered clay that is infused into a mold. After this, it is pressed and fired to create a durable product. Unglazed porcelain tile usually doesn’t need any additional treatment and sealing may not essentially be vital. In addition, a structured finished can be created by pressing the materials into a mold and because of this, it is exceptionally hard-wearing and is perfect for commercial and domestic applications. 

Glazed Porcelain Tiles

It is available in semi-polished, matt, and gloss form. A glazed porcelain tile is produced through various methods and the glaze may have a compact pattern or color with a matte or gloss finish. Once the porcelain tile has been glazed, additional sealing and treatment are not essential.

Digitally Printed Porcelain Tiles

This type of porcelain tile belongs to the category of glazed porcelain tiles. The only difference is that natural materials are photographed and digitally printed, instead of using a patterned mold.

Double Loaded Porcelain Tiles

Commonly known as color or full-bodied porcelain tiles, this double-loaded tile is produced by compressing 2 layers of clay together.  It has a pattern and color that reaches all the way through.

Antika-04 What Porcelain Tile Best Suits Your Home?

Looking for Porcelain Tile West Palm Beach?

Porcelain tile West Palm Beach can create a sophisticated touch to any home. It may cost a bit but it surely is versatile. Most homeowners and builders use porcelain tiles to decorate both walls and floors. However, porcelain floor tiles are usually harder, heavier, and thicker than wall tiles. More so, floor tiles can be used outdoors, especially in areas near patios and swimming pools. Contact D&B Tile Distributors to get you quality and durable porcelain tiles!

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