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How to Care for Porcelain Tiles


Taking care of your glazed and polished porcelain tiles does not need special cleaning agents. You can whip up several home remedies that will restore the beauty of your tiles. However, it is always best to ask for advice from professionals whether a specific home remedy can be applied to your porcelain tile West Palm Beach. 

Simple Tips in Taking Care of Your Porcelain Tiles

The Right Cleaning Solution

Before you start with any cleaning solution, whether store-bought or homemade, it is essential that you know whether your porcelain tile is polished or glazed. Glazed porcelain tiles are stain-resistant because of the glaze added over its surface. On the other hand, polished porcelain tiles are nano-finished tiles that are offered either in a structured or matte finish. 

In cleaning your porcelain tile with a simple home cleaning solution, you will need an all-purpose household cleaner, ¼ cup vinegar, 7 liters of hot water, porcelain tile cleaner, a sponge mop, and bucket. The first thing you need to do is to vacuum or sweep the loose dust and dirt off your floor. Instead of a broom, you can use a dry dust mop for faster cleaning. 

After this, you can now mop your floor with the use of the homemade cleaning solution. Do note, however, that the concentration of the detergent should be 50% less than the usual unpolished tile floor. Once you’re done applying the solution, rinse your porcelain tile and dry it carefully to prevent water spots and increase its shine.

Important Care Tips

In cleaning your tiles, you should never use acid-based products and bleach. The harsh chemicals present in these solutions can result in non-reversible damage and may depreciate the protective sealing of your tiles. If you think that your porcelain tile West Palm Beach appears slightly hazy or discolored, it is an indication that you already need to conduct an intense cleaning of your tiles. 

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Want to Know More About Your Porcelain Tile West Palm Beach?

Porcelain tiles are asthma friendly, extremely child-friendly, and durable. To know more about how to conduct intense cleaning of your tiles, contact D&B Tile Distributors!

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