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Getting Creative with Color & Pattern: Examples from Crossville Tile


We often talk about different installation patterns or unique tile prints, but we should also be talking about interesting uses of varying single color tile. Getting creative with color can include verticle patterns, horizontal patterns, borders, checkerboards, and so much more.

Let’s take a look at some options with examples from Crossville Tile.

#1: Verticle Stripes

Crossville Filo Tile

Verticle stripes can add an appearance of height to a room. Varying the width of the stripes also adds a beautiful uniqueness and character to any room. Take a look at this stunning installation of Crossville Filo Tile using varying colors and widths of the stripes.

#2: Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes can make an area look longer or wider. To make these installations a little more creative, use a tile with a unique shape such as these beautiful Crossville Handwritten Tiles which offer complimentary colors in a lengthen hexagon shape.

#3: Borders

Crossville Color by Numbers Tile

Borders can be a great way to more clearly define a space or to bring attention to certain components like this blue tile border of the fireplace above. Crossville Color by Numbers Tile is used above in both “Eight Days a Week” and “Nine Lives” to create a beautiful border around this modern fireplace.

#4: Random Patterns

Random patterns can bring a fun element into any space. This Crossville Retro Active Tile above adds brightness and a sense of playfulness to the coffee shop, while still being modern and clean. It also leverages the very on-trend application of subway tile.


To see more great installations and ideas, visit our tile inspiration galleries or stop by one of our South Florida Showrooms to meet with our tile design experts.


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