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Crossville Backs Up Their Sustainability Promise


D&B Tile Distributors has a thorough vendor selection process and fully embraces being environmentally-friendly. Matter-of-fact, it is one of our checkpoints in choosing the vendors we choose, and we’re proud to show the impact one of our vendors has had in sustainability.

Crossville has always had sustainability at the heart of their business philosophy, and it shows. In 2016 alone, Crossville recycled over 21 million pounds of fired porcelain. That is the largest amount since Crossville launched their Tile Take-Back and TOTO recycling partnership in 2009. In total, over those 7 years, Crossville has recycled more that 91 million pounds!

Crossville partners with TOTO® USA sanitary wares to recycle pre-consumer fired porcelain they would normally discard into raw material for new tile. Just a few years into the program, Crossville became the first consumer that recycles more than they produce, diverting millions of pounds of waste from landfills.

Crossville’s Tile Take-Back Program accepts previously installed fired porcelain, cut scraps and loose samples for recycling into brand new tile. They also manufacture all of their domestic tile collections using up to 40% of pre-consumer recycled content.

We always encourage participating in recycling, specifying sustainable products, and Crossville’s Tile Take-Back Program. With these efforts, we’re all ensuring better days for Earth moving forward.

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