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Chevron Tile Collection by Refin Ceramiche


Owners Chevron Tile Collection by Refin Ceramiche

A legacy of the great Renaissance glory, the Chevron tile collection is reminiscent of the old wood parquet flooring, with slats arranged in imposingly elegant patterns, referred to as Hungarian herringbone or point d’hongrie and the chevron.

Refin_Kitchen Chevron Tile Collection by Refin Ceramiche

An extraordinary technique that was also frequently used in the great halls of Versailles adds a touch of prestige to any room, in which it becomes a work of art in its own right. It is thus suited to more elegant areas around the home, to communal and commercial areas, and to other more refined areas open to the public such as museums, galleries, fashion boutiques and showrooms.

Refin_Foyer Chevron Tile Collection by Refin Ceramiche

We sat down with David Charette, partner in Britto Charette, a design firm with headquarters in Wynwood and a branch office in New York City. “The new launch of Refin Chevron by Refin Ceramiche is especially exciting for us. I see it as having a wide range of appeal to the residential and commercial market. We have used the chevron design in a number of projects and are currently working with a client in New Jersey on a rebranding project with that design. The owner liked the chevron pattern and we are using it extensively in their project. It’s a perfect pattern because it is very directional and also the fact that it is large format.

Refin_Floor Chevron Tile Collection by Refin Ceramiche

“We have seen this trend develop in porcelain and ceramic tiles over the past few years. The wood look is popular and the planks are getting larger and more refined looking. This is reminiscent of the old school parquet and is a dynamic look. It references the past but in a very con¬≠temporary way.

“We also consider lifestyle, durability and aesthetics in these selections. This line provides a very unique look. We’ve seen tile manufacturers duplicating the appearance of different surfaces and are impressed with how real these tiles look. Traditionally, we have avoided things that are fake. The laminate flooring for example. The patterns and quality of these tiles make us look at this more closely. When you combine looks with durability and life cycle, you have a winning combination. As I noted, the laminate wood flooring always looked fake to us but these tiles are extremely convincing in their appearance. This particular line has put us over the hump of specifying something that isn’t real but looks like something else. These tiles are unique. As purists, we don’t typically specify something that is not original material, but we are fine with specifying this tile. This product is perfect in Florida, where we have to deal with sand, water and dirt. We wouldn’t specify wood for example in a restaurant because of wear patterns and maintenance but this new tile takes all those worries away.

Refin_Foyer2 Chevron Tile Collection by Refin Ceramiche

“My partner and I merged our practices in 2010. We specialize in high-end residential. A lot of our work is in high rise and we feel equally comfortable with new construction and design-ready units. We are working on the new Ritz Carlton Penthouse in Sunny Isles, which is still in the design phase and we have several units in Regalia as well as different projects in South America and Montreal.

“I have an associate membership with the AIA and the IIDA and a bachelors and master’s degree from the University of Detroit, School of Architecture. I’ve worked in a number of locations around the world including the Princess Norr University in Beirut. Jay trained at the Design Institute in Fort Lauderdale. I always dreamed of visiting Versailles when I was younger and received scholarships to study in Poland and Italy. I also spent some time in Paris. My first trip there was in 1995 and I return every two years to renew my inspirations from this palace.Versailles invite artists to exhibit temporary instillationsin the gardens and David has enjoyed visiting as often as possible.. I draw inspiration from the building and its surroundings for my work in residential design.

Refin_Boutique Chevron Tile Collection by Refin Ceramiche

“We have worked with D&B Tile Distributors since our firm opened its doors. Our architectural design rep at D&B is Camila Gutierrez. We appreciate the extensive selections at the stores but our approach is to bring clients to our studio. We ask for and quickly receive samples to show our clients. We prefer that we show them what we recommend because there are so many products and designs available. This way we can better control the final selection to fit with our overall design approach.”

Visit this firm’s website at See these beautiful new tiles from Refin Ceramiche at any of D&B Tile’s authorized dealers or visit one of our nine convenient locations throughout south Florida. The first step to a beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile.

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