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Finding the Ideal Flooring for Your Bathroom


In whatever part of your house, choosing to flooring primarily comes down to durability and appearance. You want your office, bedroom, dining room, or living room flooring to look gorgeous and traffic resistant. However, when it boils down to bathroom design Palm Beach, everything changes. When picking the ideal bathroom flooring, you need to consider the non-slippery factor and performance when under stress.

By stress, we mean that it can withstand water since it can be anywhere in the bathroom. If moisture is the only factor you need to consider; then, ceramic or sheet vinyl tile is your best choice. Nonetheless, you also need to take note of the ease of installation, cost, appearance, and durability.

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Bathroom Flooring Options

Laminate Flooring

Remarkably, experts in bathroom design Palm Beach are of the notion that laminate flooring is a good bathroom flooring option when compares to solid hardwood. It is fundamentally resin-impregnated paper with a wood chip bottom.

The laminate plank has a surface that is essentially a photograph of stone, marble, slate, cherry, oak, or wood. At the top of the plank is a wear layer designed with a clear coat. Although laminate flooring can collect static and damage caused by water cannot be repaired, it does not cost much and it’s quicker to install.

Natural Stone

This type of bathroom flooring is one of the best options for your bathroom. Natural stone is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and can withstand wear and stress. As stated by a bathroom design Palm Beach, when it comes to how good this flooring can be, it serves its purpose.

However, the only concern is that it is at the top rank when it comes to pricey floorings. Thus, if you truly want a very durable and excellent resale value bathroom floorings and you don’t care about the pricing, this one is perfect for you.

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More Information on Bathroom Design Palm Beach

Aside from those mentioned above, another flooring option that’s best for your bathroom is porcelain or ceramic tiles. These tiles clean up well, work great with radiant heating, have a good resale value, and available in numerous style choices. To know more about bathroom floorings, contact us today!

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